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re: Spellblade Aluriel


Video: Fatboss Mythic Spellblade


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re: Spellblade Aluriel


Mythic Changes


Frost Phase

2 groups of 4, who soak stacks, and control the bounce at 11 stacks.

1 group of backup people.

1. First 2 people with de-buff go to designated location (whoever was standing their previously take their old spots)

2. After 11 stacks, the first 2 break, forcing it on the 2 nearest (stacked right behind them forming a square).

   -Watch your de-buffs - if it doesn't fall off before the next break, call in a backup to be closest to you.

3. Mirror the square and process on the other side, however the first set will break at 4 stacks to balance with her naturally breaking for the detonate mechanic.

4. Move to the center for detonate and make a square with the 4 de-buffed people.

5. MD adds to the tank & continue dropping stacks in the same fashion.

   **Felsoul add - knocks back and does blade storm that knocks you back. Haul him back into the hallway before the blade storm. Do 2 annihilate stacks and swap with add.


Fire Phase

Felsoul add will leap onto a random player and leave fire underfoot, including when he jumps back to the tank. Ranges are still dealing with frost markf or 40 more seconds during this phase.

   --- Ranged spread as far away from the boss as possible to drop fire far away.

   --- If add jumps on someone in the frost camp, whole group adjusts accordingly.

1. Fire charges - Top players off before, as frost explosions are going off, and its very heavy damage. May elect for large healing cd here, Tranq.

2. Detonate - spread out like normal so they are 8 yards away when they animate.

3. Adds do high ticking damage, as well as if any casts get off, that player will die. Another healing CD here, Revival.



Felsoul add does a frontal cone, split between all targets hit. One tank faces boss away from raid, and add tank faces add towards raid.

1. After orbs replicate, go stack on the tank, and then move as a single unit. Make everyone backpedal to go slowly together. Warrior Shout -->  SLT

2. After the final orb lands, the Felsoul add will still do 2 more frontal cleaves so stay stacked up for that.

3. Aoe the adds. Healers channeled mana pots.

 Note: Mccrip will see where we need his - either during fire or arcane.

DONT LAUGH AT MY 5 minute Paint Job for frost phase... ~

                                         Back up: Mccrip, Crue, Tasra


1st Square                                                                          2nd Square

Zap,     Cynda                                                                       Ille,       Ash

Serret,   Lily                                                                          Rolley,  Shock



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re: Spellblade Aluriel


 Basically 3 different phases, frost, fire and arcane, all very similar.

1. Mark by frost/fire/arcane and kite/position.

2. The abilities are replicated again shortly after the first round.

3. Dot's explode leaving frost/burning/magic orbs on the ground.

4. Out of the pools spawn adds, that do bursts of damage, on Heroic additional abilities needing healed/broken out of, or dps'd quickly.


Champion of Blades - Annihilate - Tanks stand on top of each other. Taunt on 2.


Master of Frost

Mark of Frost - 8 yard radius. Stand near someone else with the de-buff (all on right side of room), and move closer to remove the stacking de-buff at 3-6 stacks - staggering explosions. (6?)

Replicate: Mark of Frost - More people get this same affect

Detonate: Mark of Frost - Pool of Frost - damage reduction CD's possibly.

Animate: Mark of FrostBurst of Ice  - Tanks grab the adds*** Heroic: Frozen Tempest - Stay in/out of circle and dps adds down quickly. Healing Cd's when they port into melee.

Master of Fire

Searing Brand - Stand to the left side of the room to point the fire charges in same direction - will knock back anyone in the path.. (5?)

Replicate: Searing Brand

Detonate: Searing Brand - Burning Ground --- Position this where you want the adds to be , while standing 8 yards apart (around boss if you plan to stun and aoe burst them down).

Animate: Searing Brand - Burst of Flame    **Heroic: Pyroblast, Bound in Flame - dmg increased 200% & casting speed increased 100% for every ally within 8 yards. Interrupt and stun.; If good burst can stack and stun and burst down before they can start casting - otherwise make SURE they are dropped outside of 8 yards of one another. If you interrupt it, it will run to target with highest threat and melee hits really hurt. (consider lust if we are singling them down)

Master of the Arcane

Arcane Bomb - Run away from the orbs

Replicate: Arcane Orb

Detonate: Arcane Orb - They fall down from the sky on a ranged players location, and explode when they get there.- Arcane Fog - Come together as a group and then move around together with damage reduction cd's as explosions come in. (in a circle around boss?) Or group up with SLT once you see where they are gonna land? ***Make sure the orbs all land together so you can aoe the adds.

Animate: Arcane Orb - Burst of Magic  - **Heroic: Armageddon Adds have a long 30 sec cast - if NOT killed = Wipe!  

  FatBoss Video

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